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You’ve heard about our naughty products’ direct sales, but still don’t know if a Soft Party is your cup of tea? Let us give you 12 good reasons to take the plunge...

1. Bonding: way better than friendship bracelets!

Whether you do it with your partner or your girlfriends, attending a seduction class together and - if you want - sharing your own experience will definitely strengthen your relationship.

2. Time-saving: just relax and listen

Do we really have to mention how amazing it is to shop from your comfy couch?

3. Goodbye Doctor Love!

All of us have at least one question about sexuality which we are too embarrassed to ask. No need to write anonymous letters anymore: that’s exactly what the boudoir* is for!

4. Something different: a Hen Party with a twist

Strip teases last a few minutes, Soft Paris products and advice have long-lasting effects! So why not consider a “Like a Virgin” Soft Party for your next Hen Party?

5. Original: stand out from the crowd!

All of our products are designed by and for Soft Paris only. Meaning you will be among the lucky few to own a very special product!

6. Amazing gifts: make it rain!

All our hostesses get special treatment. They’re entitled to a voucher** they can spend on Soft Paris’ products!

7. Quality time: who needs pilates anymore?

We guarantee that a naughty products’ direct sale will be a good enough excuse to clear your friends’ calendars! And once they discover Soft Paris world, they will beg you to book another Party...

8. Empowering: you are gorgeous

Our slogan is “Creator of Happiness” and by happiness we mean self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-worth. Our mission is to help each and every person to feel good in their own skin!

9. Educational: not exactly what you learn at school...

Only you can know what you like, but you might need a little help discovering it, especially if you have doubts about your anatomy… we guarantee you’ll discover plenty of ways to pleasure yourself!

10. One Soft Party for each day of the week

We currently offer six (come on, everybody needs a day off…) different Soft Party themes. Choosing one of them is going to be the only difficult thing you will have to do!

11. A new precious friend: we’ve got your back

The Happiness Advisor in charge of your Soft Party will always be at your disposal: before, during and after!

12. Life Changing: a great opportunity for self-development

Want to know a secret? Most of our Happiness Advisors decided to start working for Soft Paris after attending a Soft Party! Still have questions or doubts? Curious to know more? Contact us!   *boudoir: the last stage of a Soft Party. Private meeting with the Happiness Advisor in a separate room. In the boudoir clients have the opportunity to ask personal questions and purchase products far from prying eyes. **the value of the voucher depends on the total sales.  
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