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As time goes by, fashion designers and stylists make up the craziest things, especially in the lingerie department. So we decided to publish a mini guide to finding the perfect bra!

1. BALCONETTE: O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?

Perfect for big and medium breasts, the particular shape of its cups gives a nice modelling effect. But be aware: the cups of a balconette are lower than usual and are cut on an horizontal-ish line. So better not to jump too much while wearing it! SoftParis’ choice: Henrietta

2. FULL CUP: big breasts, what a torture huh?

Best suited for women with a large cup size, it entirely covers the breasts (especially on the top and sides) and offers amazing support thanks to its straps, which are thicker than usual. It can be underwired or not. If not, then serious side straps will have been built in. SoftParis’ choice: Kristine

3. TRIANGLE: small boobs win it back  

As the name suggests, the cups are shaped like triangles. Usually not padded, that is why this bra fits smaller breasts better. Most of the ones on the market are not underwired or are equipped with a soft under cup. SoftParis’ choice: Sophia

4. PUSH UP: Salt-N-Pepa’s favorite

Its main purpose is to push breasts together and give the illusion of a more generous cleavage. Usually, a push-up also has a plunge effect. Underwired and padded, best suited for medium or smaller breasts - larger breasts might be squeezed a little bit too much. But we don’t want to fool you: if there’s isn’t anything to push, the push-up will have very little effect! And remember to use it with moderation: it could affect your partner’s sensibility! SoftParis’ choice: Lola

5. PLUNGE: for when you feel especially provocative

The cups of a plunge bra join very low between the breasts. That is why it is a must with low cut dresses. SoftParis’ choice: Bianca

6. STRAPPY: perfect for showing off!

The added value of this type of bra is on its back: the straps are very fancy and usually crossed. Couple it with a back-revealing top and you’re ready to party! SoftParis’ choice: Marie

7. SPORT: yes, but with a kinky side

Everyone knows what a sport bra looks like. What you might not know is that you don’t necessarily have to give up sexiness while wearing one… you don’t believe us? Well, keep reading... SoftParis’ choice: Fétichic

8. SHELF / CUPLESS: free your nipples!

Suited for sexy times, the absence of cups makes your nipples particularly visible. Of course you can wear a shelf bra even outside the house, but maybe not when the weather is particularly cold… SoftParis’ choice: Electra

9. PEEPHOLE: peek-a-boo!

A peephole is equipped with openings that reveal your nipples… here’s a little game for you: put a bit of edible massage oil on your nipples and let your partner have a taste! SoftParis’ choice: Pamela

10. CAGE: the kind your partner would never want to escape from

The main feature here are two (or more) straps that run parallel to the cups with no other purpose if not decorative. We think they do the job… and you? SoftParis’ choice: Jaqueline

11. BRALETTE: indoor or outdoor? Who cares!

Something between a bra and a crop top, it can be worn over, under or without a t-shirt at all. Have you always wanted one but are not sure you will use it often? Then you will be satisfied with what we have to offer... SoftParis’ choice: Felicity


The difference between over bust and under bust measurements determines your bra cup. For example, a difference of 0-1 inches means that you should purchase an A cup. Goodbye infinite journeys to the changing room, now you will get it right the first time! Hoping you enjoyed our mini-guide, book a Soft Party and an Happiness Advisor will make you try all our amazing bras!
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