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Routine, misunderstandings, pregnancies, menopause, complexes, depression, fatigue… you name it. Many factors can affect your libido. How can you ignite your passion when desire seems to be burning low?

1. Exercise: mens sana in corpore sano

Doing sports stimulates blood flow everywhere in your body, genitalia included! And better blood flow means greater sexual appetite. Exercising regularly also helps in the release of endorphins. Said hormone lifts your mood, makes you feel more energetic, more euphoric and boosts your quest for pleasure. A healthy body makes you feel better in your own skin and consequently more confident and sexy! Are your trainers on yet?

2. Be careful what you eat: it’s not just about vanity

As with exercise, sticking to a healthy diet is essential when taking care of your body. Each and every food group has its pros and cons. Studies show estrogen production is lower in overweight women, as is testosterone with men. Unfortunately, pleasure hormones aren’t as fond of fat, salt and sugar as are your taste buds! A few culprits: coffee, canned food, artificial sweeteners and sparkling beverages. Basically, deficiencies and bad food habits can have a negative impact on your libido. Make sure you have a balanced diet of natural and fresh food! Love your body and it will reward you.

3. Keep stress levels under control: bye bye anxiety, hello libido!

Work-related pressure, lack of “me-time” and shortage of sleep inevitably bring a lot of stress which can in turn create frustration, fatigue and lack of communication and complicity in your relationship. Such negativity can affect your desire and your intimate life. If the struggles of daily-life are sometimes inevitable, it is how you deal with them that is key. For instance, try and take some time for yourself: watch a movie, take a long bath or shower, meditate for a few minutes every day or simply do whatever brings you comfort and joy.

4. Participate in a Soft Party for that extra boost!

We know, we’ve been saying this for a while now! But Soft Parties, direct sales’ meetings, are not only the perfect occasion to relax with your friends or with your partner, they are also the perfect opportunity to feed your imagination and desire ! They will help you communicate more with your boo and solve potential issues, in a fun and friendly atmosphere, while oohing and aahing over quality products that will definitely become your best allies. An environment to rethink our sex lives and discover new things? Sign us up! Our Happiness Advisors will be happy to answer all your questions in the privacy of the boudoir. What are you waiting for? Book a Soft Party!
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