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Christmas after Christmas, is all just the same old thing again. Be straight with us: how many books / socks / pijamas have you ever received or given? This year, stand out from the crowd. Give sex toys and naughty accessories instead of the usual banal stuff… You won’t only be more original, you’ll also give people something to talk about for the next decade!

Afraid they could feel embarrassed? Here’s 4 reasons why they won’t

  1. You’re offering them something they might be too shy to buy themselves. We are positive they’ll be grateful you spared them the “walk of shame” in a sexy shop!
  2. Your gift will surely steal the spotlight from all the other ones (sorry Grannies from all over the world, we know you put blood and tears in crocheting this year’s jumper).
  3. Once they’ll have tried your present and realized how good its quality is, they’ll be even more grateful!
  4. And last but not least, you’ll introduce them to Soft Paris’ fabulous world, to which they’ll definitely want to return!

A Christmas gift everyone can enjoy

Nowadays there’s a tool to satisfy every single kind of desire. There’s no such a thing as ”weird”, “odd” or “unusual”, being different is what makes us unique. That’s why we are proud to say that we can help you find the perfect gift for everyone of your friends / family members!
  • For your BFF: the vibrator Iris. The person you love the most deserves nothing else than 3 gifts in one!
  • For your female partner: the checkbook Give&Love. The perfect way to show her how much you love and desire her every day.
  • For your male partner: the remotely-controlled Love Egg. You’ll put him in charge of your pleasure.
  • For your granny: the heart sponge Nenuphar. At first glance, she’ll think it’s just an innocent sponge, but wait until she discovers its secret...
  • For your mum: the Yoni egg Eos. “No mommy it’s not a pendant…”! She’ll surely find it extremely useful.
  • For your sis: the very discreet stimulator Number One. Not exactly like the toys you used to play with when you were kids....
  • For your brother: the male masturbator Grand Chelem (ed: “great champion”). It will be a funny way to remind him how many times you had to give up the tv while he was watching sports!
Now that we gave you some guidelines, it’s time to book a Soft Party and see the products for yourself!
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