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“Cougar” for her and “toy boy” for him… In France, 2% of couples are made of a significantly older woman and a younger man. The stigma these lovers endure has diminished over time but there is still a long way to go, especially in other less “libertine” countries, such as Italy or the UK. Taboos are created by society not people, therefore it is possible - and extremely important - to fight them! In June 2017, Soft Paris, European leader in the lingerie and naughty products’ direct sale, carried out a survey on a sample of 300 French women, in order to discover their point of view on this topic.


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What if being in a relationship with an older woman was actually better?

For some, it is ! For him:
  • More freedom:
On average, more mature women have already been in a serious relationship. Some could also have been married or had children. A relationship with less pressure to commit could be more suitable to the gentleman’s needs… at least at the beginning! No stress, no pressure… what a blessing for these young men who are not yet ready to make big steps.
  • More experience:
Several studies have confirmed women start to really understand their bodies after they turn 30. Therefore, more mature women are more acquainted with their body and what they want than younger ones. And - as Soft Paris loves to remind you - knowing your body is key to sexual satisfaction. With a bit of luck for the male counterpart, there could also be a basis to experiment Tantric sex and reach new sexual horizons. When both partners know where they want to go and how to get there, their relationship has everything it takes to be very intense and effective.
  • More relaxed:
It seems older women are less complex than younger ones, who are apparently more stressed, demanding and inclined to jealousy. We don’t mean to upset anyone but we cannot deny that with age, hindsight is more easily attainable… Being young often means struggling to find a place in society (within the family, in the workplace and in friend groups…). And with that comes a lot of pressure. These kinds of worries a relatively minimal to assertive women who project less into the future. But not to worry, no need to wait until you get older to appreciate a healthy and happy sex life. Dive into the world of Soft Paris and get to know yourself better! For her:
  • A second youth:
To a woman, having a younger partner means going back to less complicated relationships where less is at stake, especially if she has already been married and raised children. Having a younger partner could also make the woman feel younger, simply because the conversations and the activities shared by both are usually different from the ones shared with a same-age partner.
  • More self-confidence:
Growing old is one of our biggest fears. We may feel less attractive, less energetic, and it may seem like doors are closing in front of us. Therefore, being desired by a younger man would (let’s be honest) most likely be a massive ego boost! But at the end of the day, age is just a state of mind. Having a younger partner could simply help us live a complex-free relationship to the fullest. But as Raymond Radiguet said, “every age bears its fruits, it's all in knowing how to harvest them”. So why not learn how to best harvest them by booking a Soft Party “Les Amants”?  
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