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We all know the sweet struggle of choosing the perfect outfit, let alone the one for NYE! That is why we have prepared a little Christmas gift for you: a guide to choosing the perfect outfit for every type of celebration. Start the New Year on the right foot!

A fancy gala dinner

Chic ambiance, meaningful conversations, ladylike behavior… you have everything covered. The perfect choice to match your appearance with your classy attitude is a lace dress like Bella or Milady coupled with long gloves like Sabina. Bring out your inner Audrey Hepburn! And why not make your inner sparkle visible from the outside? Poussière d’amour is here to serve.

A night clubbing

Some of you may prefer to dance their way to the upcoming year and opt for a night at the disco. The perfect opportunity to show more skin... make it shine with our Opulence! And why not try a nice mini like Caresse with a super sexy body? Chloe would be the perfect match! Cherry on top? Sensual hold-ups... like Fétiches!

A house party

House parties have always been very trendy. You get to meet new people in a familiar environment. A great opportunity to finally wear that revealing dress you’ve always wanted to show off! Naomi, for example - with its low neckline and the open back - is exactly what we are talking about. Want to kiss a cute guy under the mistletoe? Well, it’s not called attrape-bisous for nothing...

A NYE street parade

Surely the most exciting way to celebrate this special night. “Dress to impress” is key here. So don’t skimp on the wow effect! Bodies, corsets or waspies can be easily worn with a pair of trousers, shorts or skirt. And then… accessorise! Adhesive rhinestones are all the rage now, feather boa bracelets, body chains... Anything goes!

At home with your boo

The sexiest way to spend this very special night. Surprise your partner with a disguise or make him choose how to dress (and undress) you with the help of Mila. But don’t forget to prepare the right atmosphere: candle light, incense, background music… then start with the sexy games!   Now you are ready. Whichever way you decide to welcome the New Year, it is going to be amazing! Still can’t decide which option you like the most (we know, we are awesome…)? Book a Soft Party and let an Happiness Advisor help you!
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