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At the start of a new year, it often feels natural to think about ways to make it even better than the previous one. Those resolutions usually evolve around happiness: being able to fulfil dreams and reach targets which often rhyme with self-development and bringing happiness to our loved ones. The big question is… how? Here are some tips to get you started!

1. More time for yourself

Unless you have the power of ubiquity, you will never have more time. Days will only ever have 24 hours and weeks 7 days. What is important is to manage your load of responsibilities, pick your battles and MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. Once your missions are accomplished, make the most of the time you have on your hands. Do as you please? Only have 15 minutes? Stimulate your senses: a relaxing bath, a body scrub, light some incense and start playing with yourself - did you know that orgasms help release happiness’ hormones? And with the right accessories it takes just 5 minutes! Taking time for yourself has to be a priority!

2. More fun: here, there and everywhere!

Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to its fullest. Attending a Soft Party would definitely help you doing so! Discover new things about yourself, see amazing products and - most importantly - have a great time with your squad… 3 birds with one stone! And who knows... you may decide to become a Happiness Advisor yourself and start having fun at work too!

3. More self-confidence

Self-confidence is like a journey: it begins inside your mind, passes through your senses and ends with your appearance. The starting point is knowing yourself better. From a sexual point of view, this means understanding what triggers the most important sexual organ of your body, your brain. After that, it is time to focus on your senses… which are the most erogenous zones of your body? Which sounds, scents, images have the best effect on you? Last but not least: what you wear. We agree with the proverb “the suit doesn’t make the man”, but we strongly believe that a suit that makes you feel beautiful can boost your confidence and make you happier. Don’t know where to start? One of our Soft Party themes, Softissime, has this exact purpose: helping you feel beautiful.

4. Stronger bonds: with yourself, your friends and your partner

The most important and satisfying relationship above all others is the one you have with yourself. Self-confidence is closely related to self-esteem and that comes from having accepted and learnt how to cherish all the things that make you special. If you have a partner, take good care of that relationship too. Always listen to each other’s needs and desires, without taboos. Learn how to express your love for him/her. This will guarantee you a solid and long-lasting relationship. It is also extremely important to surround yourself with other people, such as friends or simple acquaintances… try to mix it up! Becoming a Happiness Advisor is the perfect way to extend your network (and get a lot of gratitude at the same time!). If you want to start the new year on the right foot and make your life better, always remember: start with little things! You do not need to rely on anything or anyone else to make you happy. But we are always ready to walk with you along the happiness path, no matter which time of year! And if January the 1st is your trigger, well… go for it! And you are in luck, it’s only a few days away.  
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