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When most of people think about sextoys, they believe their main purpose is to replace a partner. They couldn’t be more wrong…

What a sextoy could do for yourself

The first step to enjoy naughty products with another person is understanding how to make the most out of them by ourselves. With a little bit of practice, you will:
  • Improve your health: certain sextoys are designed for pelvic floor training. Our Geisha Therapy balls and Eos Yoni egg are a precious ally for women of all ages!
  • Release daily stress: even with external stimulation only, a sextoy can help you relax and forget about your day-to-day responsibilities. Something as tiny as Delight, Miss, or Gaia will give you enormous pleasure!
  • Enjoy deeper stimulation: once your body is well-warmed up, you are ready to reach the next level. One example? Locate your G-spot with the help of the carefully designed (and vibrating!) Lilith and then reveal your little secret to your partner…
  • Catch 2 birds with a stone: some toys are meant to stimulate your clitoris AND vaginal walls at the same time. Learn how to use our Iris and then pass the “torch” to your boo!

What a sextoy could do for your couple’s intimacy

Once you try a sextoy by yourself and you discover its wonders, you can introduce it to your sweet half. It will allow you to experiment new feelings together!
  • You can wear a vibrating egg and give its remote to your partner. He/she will be the one in control of your pleasure!
  • Another great tool are finger stimulators: little sleeves to be worn on fingers, their particular texture will give an extra boost to your “cuddles”!
  • A little aid during foreplays: how many times have you come dangerously close to getting the tennis elbow? Good news for you! Something like Etreinte, Fidelix, or World Cup is here to help. First watch your partner while using one of them, then take the lead!
  • Longer and stronger erection: by wearing a ring around the base of the penis, a certain amount of pressure is applied to the area. The pressure will “squeeze” the blood vessels that carry blood out of the penis, making it leave more slowly. And what if the penis ring also vibrates? Well, try it and see…

How to make the most of your sex toys: sensual cosmetics

  • First and foremost: hygiene. L’Indispensable will take care of both your toys and your intimate parts.
  • Second golden rule: lubricants, lubricants, LU - BRI - CANTS! Do we even have to explain how different sexy time is with that magic potion? Water based, silicon based, flavoured… a little something for everyone!
  • Bonus: some sensual cosmetics can make you feel extremely pleasant sensations even if not coupled with sextoys. Try our cream Indécente on the tip of your finger and then imagine what it can do if applied on your clitoris…
Now it’s time to see everything in person! Book a Soft Party now.
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