Whips & Paddles

The infamous Marquis de Sade was considered by some as a revolutionary spirit, far ahead of his time and a notorious figure in the unravelling of the French Revolution. By others, he was seen a twisted, debauched lunatic who advocated for blasphemy against Christianity. Did you know that the word 'sadism' was derived from his own name? He earned this accreditation through his libertine sexuality and erotic works pertaining violence and sex. To this day, BDSM is a highly practised sexual activity, enjoyed by many. 

Tantilise your lover's senses with a paddle, whip or flogger, or leave them in goosebumps with the crop and tickler. Whatever you choose, experiementing with BDSM is sure to unlock new levels of pleasure potential for you and your partner.  

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There are pains that give excitement, even pleasure...
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