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Let's get to the bottom of this (pun very much intended...)

Much like the vibrator, the butt plug and dildo began as a medical instrument which claimed to cure constipation, acne and even insomnia. Nowadays, our logic is more simple. The rectal opening hosts numerous sensitive nerve endings and in men, the sacred P-spot, which garners mind-altering pleasure when stimulated. This, combined with the somewhat inherent taboo nature of butt play, makes it an unavoidable erogenous zone for mind-blowing ecstasy.

If you are yet to explore the hidden pleasures of butt play, Soft Paris brings to you a collection of plugs of all shapes and sizes to being your exploration. Silicone or glass, beginner or experienced. Whichever you prefer or your level of experience, choose from a selection of dildos to suit your style of sensations for a completely orgasmic and fulfilling experience. Or perhaps try out a plug for a unique internal sensation. Slip it in and unlock a new anal pleasure during both foreplay and sex, or try it solo!

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This anal chain is flexible to gently increase your pleasure. Use with or without a vibrator to vary the intensity of sensations!
Opus allows a fresh feeling and impeccable hygiene. This anal douche is easy and gentle to use.
As sexy as lingerie, the Harmonia Strap-On Dildo set is ideal for pegging and strap on adventures. Available with or without the Prima Donna dildo in two sizes (Small and Medium). Medium is also available with or...
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