Geisha & Love Eggs

Strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles with geisha balls or love eggs is vital for both tightening the vagina and boosting sexual satisfaction. The French take this practice so seriously that the government has, for decades, subsidised "La rééducation" or "perineal re-education” classes after child-birth to help women strengthen their yonis. Interestingly, France is one of the only countries which sponsors such a program and has done so since 1985!

It's no doubt that the French take the strength of their pelvic floor and synonymously their sexual satisfaction seriously. Soft Paris offers a tight (pun intended) range of eggs and geisha balls to maintain a strong pelvic floor. 

Do you want to experience heightened sensations during sex for both yourself and your partner? Take a lesson from the French and keep your yoni strong at all costs with our products below. 

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