The vibrator was first invented in the 1800s when it was routine practice for Victorian doctors to encouter female patients with "hysteria" which entailed anything from anxiety to irritability to a bloated stomach. This prescribed treatment, then medically referred to as a "pelvic massage" would induce a "hysterial paroxysm" or what we know today as an orgasm. Ever since, the vibrator has evolved and adapted to take on many shapes and forms and resulted in what is today an extensive market.

Explore a world of limitless pleasure with these luxury Soft Paris vibrators. Rabbits, magic wands, clitoral stimulators, or even vibrators for couples. Whether its bed time, bath time, or just playtime, we have a collection of vibrators for both men and women which can shake things up like never before.

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Named the 'beauty of the night,' this vibrator sure will keep you up until the early hours.
The Ares bullet will be your best ally in your quest for ecstasy. Used cleverly, its 5 speeds of vibration will lead you to the Champs-Elysées of pleasure.
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