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It's no doubt that France is considered the fashion capital of the world. From Chanel to Dior, Hermes to Lous Vuitton, French designers have long been paving the way for fashion with their stylistic innovation and outstanding reputation. A reptutation, of which, dates back as early as the 17th Century. King Louis XIV, the 'Sun King,' was renowned for his particularly lavish style. He was responsible for bringing numerous artistic industries, including the textile trade, under the control of the royal court, which from then was understood as the worldwide arbiter of style.

Soft Paris' clothing is designed in-house, produced with only the finest materials and finished with utmost attention to detail and prestigious quality. The designs are unique to Soft Paris and aim to reveal your sensual side with elegance and ardour. Shop an exclusive range of dresses, tops and skirts to wear day-to-day or on a romantic night out. Our dresses aim to shape or fit loosely over your figure, or hug it tightly for sensual curves. Some come with padding and some without - whatever you like, you're sure to find your style.

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Lina can be worn as a dress for a chic evening or in the bedroom. Designed in transparent black lace, its stretch fabric guarantees optimal comfort.
Discover Adele. Combining stretch fabric and black lace, the Top and Shorty are super sexy and cling to highlight your curves. The snakeskin printed fabric is discreet and back in fashion!
Wear Emma wherever and whenever you want! It's an extremely versatile set.
The top Gia fastens behind the neck to allow you to adjust your neckline. Its boning draws in your shape. Its shorty will give you all the comforts of playing the femme fatales.
A light veil that will surround your body with some sexy magic.
Wear Emma wherever and whenever you want! It's an extremely versatile set.
This stretchy dress flatters your curves and reveals your shoulders.
Gia's décolleté and open back will seduce anyone who takes a look. Its semi-transparent chiffon will let guess, without revealing too much, your shape.
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