Nipple Pasties & Body Adornments

Agnès Sorel, the first officially recognised royal mistress, made the nip slip haute couture in the 15th Century when she beared her breasts in the French court. The maîtresse was known for her ample bosom and took an if-you’ve-got-it-flaunt-it approach to her assets. Her habit of keeping her bodice unlaced and modifying her garments to further expose her breasts impressively preceded the #freethenipple movement by a good six centuries.

Although the female nipple is still objectified and censored and us women still cannot legally go topless as we wish, why not do the next best thing? Nipple pasties and adornments are the perfect way to keep just a little to the imagination, and drive your partner wild. Wear them underneath lingerie, clothing or simply on their own to feel sensual and daring.

Gloves, chokers and body adornments make the perfect accessory to just about any outfit - daywear or lingerie. Discover the sexiest way to wear jewellery and make Agnès Sorel proud with Soft Paris' range below.

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Lisa is a choker made entirely of black lace and its black satin ribbon is delicate and feminine. Wear it with a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans to add a sensual touch to your every day outfit or in the bedroom to...
The Estelle gloves bring a touch of quirky sexiness to any outifit. Whether you wear them out for the evening or in for the night, dare to add this touch of elegance and delicacy in lace that will attract everyone's...
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