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These magical potions will bewitch your lover, leaving them cast under a spell of lust and affection. Learn the secrets to the sexiness of the French, with our pleasure potions designed and made in France. Whether you're after a water or silicone-based lubricant, a product to enhance stimulation, something lickable and warming to massage over your partner, or something to keep your skin ready for the bedroom, Soft Paris has an extensive range of high-end luxury potions made in France that are sure to add a slip and slide to your sex life. Inspired by the romance and sensuality of French culture, our lubricants are high-end and designed to last as long and far as your debaucherous fantasies stretch. 

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Our best-selling, water-based lubricant was named after the famous erotica, Histoire d'O, by Pauline Reage. The novel was supposedly wrote as a series of love letters to her lover, Jean Paulhan, who admired the...
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