Whether you're intrigued by the life and sexual fantasies of French libertine Marquis de Sade, the tale of female submission told in Histoire d'O, or overall just curious about the French reputation for debauchery and sexiness, Soft Paris' exclusive range of acsexories will always keep things exciting. Restraints, masks, whips, floggers, paddles, nipple jewellery, nipple clamps, games and accessories - we have it all. 

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Six metres of rope to caress and constrict as you wish.
A daring alternative to classic handcuffs - spice up your foreplay even more by exploring the art of bondage.
Unleash the animal within you with the Dahlia leash.
Adorn an element of mystery and allure in Tulipe
Take a trip on the wild side with Snake to Love, every soft bondage lover's best friend!
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